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For centuries, Westerners have read and dreamed of visiting the exotic places on the Great Silk Road. Few landmarks have tantalized the minds of men more than the legendary caravan places of Central Asia. Marlowe, Keats, Milton and Kipling all wrote about these Oasis Cities, although none had ever seen them. Remote behind barriers of deserts and mountains, these cities had rarely been visited by travelers from the West. By the 18th century, the region had become forbidden to all but Moslems, and other events maintained it closed until the last few years. It is inaccessible no longer. Now anyone can travel the length and breadth of the Great Silk Road to all these places and experience the splendors seen by Alexander the Great, Gingiz Khan and Tamerlane.

Salom Travel can show you this land like no one else. Involved with tourism since 1974 and one of the pioneers of independent travel to Uzbekistan, and its neighboring Republics, we offer every service the traveler could desire.

Salom Travel has over fifteen years of experience in tourist escort, and we have taken very good care of our clients who are visiting, studying, researching or doing business in the region. We offer our clients comfortable, enjoyable and interesting stays at reasonable prices, and can provide several tiers of boarding options. We wish to promote and enhance an appreciation of the history, culture, traditions and arts of civilizations developed in Bukhara, Samarkand, Khiva and the many other places on the Great Silk Road.

Our Special Interest Workshops & Excursions are ideal for individuals or small groups, to learn in-depth the unique crafts of the region, described in our "Master Classes" section. The options can be a stand-alone trip, or we can incorporate them in one of our tour itineraries. Packages can range from immersion in one craft or a sampling of one or more, and can be designed to suit your time availability. Workshops are particularly attractive in the off-season, away from the tourist crowds, when the skies are bright blue, the air crisp, and the workshops warm. Additionally, we can arrange workshops in

  • Photography - A favorite for beginners and professionals alike, our local talented photographers can show you the splendor of the monuments, the allure of the back allies, the exploding spring bloom in the desert, all in the perfect light conditions.
  • Herbal Medicine - With a more than 2,000 year history in spice trading, our Spice Men will teach you the origin, processing and the medicinal values of the spices and their blends.
  • Archaeology - At a crossroads of the ancient Silk Road trading route, different dynasties all left an imprint and new ruins are being discovered and excavated, revealing more of the ancient past. Visit the Paikend massif 60 km southeast of Bukhara and study the rich and varied history and artifacts.
  • Wildlife and Bird-Watching - Early morning excursions into the Kizil-Kum desert to witness the amazing adaptability of the wildlife to this arid world. Saiga (type of antelope), koulan (ass) and gazelle share this vast space with lizards, snakes, turtle, jerboa and gophers. Golden and tawny eagles and griffon vultures mingle with grouse, ground-jay and larks.

Combine a photo workshop with pottery classes, a silk-weaving class with herbal medicine, or a wildlife expedition with a camel trek. The possibilities are as rich as your imagination and all provide a unique insight in how Uzbek people live and work.




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